Press | SoBo in the Norwegian fashion magazine Stella

It is great to see that fashion magazines are writing about green fashion (concepts) in a less dull but more fashionable way.  

The Norwegian fashion magazine Stella has just published a beautiful article featuring several great fashion brands aaaaaaaand us. We are very happy to be featured as an alternative to buying new items and as a new exciting concept. 

Thank you very much for featuring us!

News | Welcome to the SoBo team, Anja Stang

We are happy to welcome Anja Stang to the SoBo team!

She is the former editor in chief of PS:magasin, the former fashion director of the Norwegian fashion magazine Stella, a fashion journalist, contributor to a variety of publications, greenfluencer at The Green House by Anja Stang and now also part of our SoBo team. 

Read her article about SoBo on The Green House by Anja Stang  (in Norwegian)

We are looking forward to an exciting journey!

Press | SoBo in the Norwegian print magazine KK

We are so happy about the beautiful four pages feature that the Norwegian magazine KK has published in their print issue about us.

They call us the new fashion trend and we would like to thank you for joining our journey.

If you haven't gotten your hands on the print issue, find the article online

News | Join Us On Friday For An Fashion And Tech Afterwork in Oslo

Join us at Bubble Bar on Friday! Our CMO Katharina Osterholt will participate in a panel, talking about fashion, tech and industry trends. 

Where: Mesh, Tordenskiolds gate 3, 0160 Oslo

When: 18:00 

Find the Facebook event here:

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Words | Why I rent out and don't sell

Let's face it, all of us own far too many clothes. Far too many items are hidden somewhere in our closet. Sometimes, we even forget they are there. Or do you still remember the dress that you wore just a couple of times and that you felt you looked gorgeous in but somehow your style changed in the meantime? 

We all own these dresses, these bags and these pieces of jewellery that we are not using anymore. However I have to admit every time a friend suggested to sell them, I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. Is it weird to feel attached to a clothing item? And even if I sold them, I would have just gotten a fraction of its original price so it would not really be worth it. So I decided to at least rent them out. It is like selling but with a time limit. I am earning some money but I know I will get the item back. Maybe, maybe, one day, I will consider selling and maybe we will fall in love again. Like old lovers. Is it weird? Maybe not. It is fashion.

SoBo | Designer Store on SoBo

We love designers. We love great concept stores. We love helping designers keep their brand identity. That's the reason why we have introduced branded profiles. You can choose your logo, your description and you can use SoBo as a way of renting out your samples in a very organised way, earning money and getting more exposure. We are taking care of the whole digital infrastructure so you don't need to worry about anything. To make it even better, you will have the chance of meeting your customers and create even better customer loyalty. 

We are always adding new features and are preparing a global expansion. Be part of the SoBo journey!

News | Let's meet for breakfast in Oslo on Friday, 16.12.2016

Let's meet for breakfast in Oslo on Friday (16.12.2016)!


We would love to invite you to our breakfast meeting at Making Waves in Oslo on Friday. We will talk about entrepreneurship, fashion, sustainability and technology. 

Check out the Facebook event here

Something Borrowed - from idea to launch in 6 months

Anjali Bhatnagar, a physicist, visionary, experienced change leader and entrepreneur talks about how to grow a local idea to a global concept, and on how to learn quickly, execute effeciently and grow the concept.
SoBo is based on the idea of a better utilization of existing resources, the importance of lasting and great design and the fun of playing with styles and fashion. SoBo is making a service available to the public that is already common practice among celebrities and fashion professionals: the opportunity of renting a style for the night.

Velkommen på vårt siste Breakfast Club for i år og få med deg et inspirerende foredrag med Anjali. Foredraget er på norsk. 

Det blir servering av gløgg, pepperkaker og annet godt.

kl 08.00 Dørene åpnes
kl 08.30 Foredrag
kl 08.45 Q&A
kl 09.00 Slutt

We are looking forward to meeting you on Friday!

Picks | Ideals vs love for fashion?


When reading Nadine Farag's article on Manrepeller, we recognize ourselves. Sometimes we are also wondering whether we are hypocrites for loving fashion while being aware of all the negative effects the fashion industry has. We know about the social and environmental effects. We know about all the effects that consumption and production have. We would love to make the perfect decisions but we know we are everything but perfect. 

In the following article, Nadine Farag is showing alternatives. She is looking at how we can make our life a bit more sustainable without making any compromise on style and fun. Read more here:

Picks | "I rent everything"

Are we willing to rent everything we are using? Has the sharing economy taken over your life as well? The article "I rent everything" explores the rental lifestyle of millennials who feel that renting allows them more freedom in their lifestyle choices. 

"I don't want or need to own every passing fad. I own the staples and I rent almost all of the rest. That pushes me to try new things I wouldn't necessarily buy. It keeps my wardrobe fresh, and my closet lean."

Three new fun reasons to join the rental lifestyle:

  • trying out new things without the hassle and the costs
  • always having a fresh wardrobe
  • lean closet


Have fun renting and renting out!


Check out the source below for deeper insight:


Words | Sharing Economy - Sharing What?

Sharing Economy has become THE buzz word in recent times. It appears like we are sharing everything. We are sharing our apartments via AirBnB. We are sharing our cars via Nabobil. We are sharing our rides via Uber. We are sharing and making money but is it actually sharing we are talking about? 

Didn't we just get to use our resources in a better way? Didn't AirBnB not only teach us that our apartment can earn money while we are not using it but also that renting an apartment doesn't mean to break the bank? Didn't Nabobil teach us that owning a car is awesome but we can cut the costs of owning by renting it out and earning back some money? Does´t Uber imply that we can earn money while going where we are going anyways but also that getting a taxi ride can be affordable? 

These two sides show the advantages of the sharing economy: we can make conscious decisions on what we really want to own because owning is not necessary anymore. We can use anything and just pay for the time that we use it. On the other hand, it makes owning more affordable because we can own something, without having to bear the costs while not using it. 

Something Borrowed works exactly the same way:

it connects the one that owns an exclusive fashion piece with someone who would love to wear it for a specific occasion. This way it makes owning as well as using it more affordable. You just have to pay for the time, you actually need it for. Pretty simple. You can rent pieces that are missing in your wardrobe and rent out pieces that you are not using right now. 

Celebrities have been doing it for a long time. They have been renting their outfits for special occasions and now you can do it even more regularly. 



SoBo | Some facts about the fees

Let's turn to some facts about the fees involved so there won't be any surprises. We aim to be very transparent about this aspect so if you are wondering about anything, just let us know.

The only fees that SoBo charges are 20% per transaction, with a minimum of NOK 20. There are no monthly fees, no subscription fees, no signup fees. Just a tiny fee when you are using the service. 

One of the advantages behind this fee for using soBo is that it includes the insurance. 

If you want to have more insights into what happens if you cancel a request etc, have a look at the conditions of use which you find in the "About the service" section when you have logged in. Tiny hint: you won't be charged anything.

Press | SoBo Community in Infinitum


"Selv om økonomien nødvendigvis ikke tillater det, er det kvinner i aldersgruppen 20 til 30 år som skårer høyest, og bruker uhorvelige mengder penger på kjøp av nye klær."


Read more about how one of the first SoBo Parties went and what Infinitum wrote about the concept:

SoBo | We are everywhere in Norway

Yes, you read it right. We are everywhere because you are everywhere. Maybe you remember our article on why we don't have a showroom and why this is so awesome for you (if not: here you find it). 

We are working with a network of fashion lovers, just like you, which means that we are everywhere where there are people who would love to rent and rent out their treasures. If you are looking for items that are close to your location, just state it in the search function and name the place you are at. Simple, easy, convenient. 

Even though, we are Oslo based, we don't want to be Oslo centred. You are in the centre of SoBo. You are the SoBo community so we are where you are. 

Start renting and renting out your fashion pieces now and let's grow the network so you always have the greatest pieces to rent close by.


SoBo | On Why We Don't Need A Showroom and Why This Is Awesome For You

At Something Borrowed, we believe in sharing and caring. Yes, this is the first sentence on our website and this is maybe even one of the most important sentences on our whole blog. 

It implies that we love meeting new people, we love connecting and being connected with people. This is the reason why we have decided against a Something Borrowed showroom.

We want people to be able to meet and create new connections when renting and renting out their fashion pieces. For the ones who love the idea of a convenient delivery, we offer deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pretty convenient, isn't it?!

Connecting people directly has a huge advantage for you, besides of getting to know new people. It also means that you are not restricted to opening hours and you two can just choose the time of the meeting flexibly. Pretty nice, isn't it?!

Psst: The whole flexibility also means that you might be able to rent a dress or a bag spontaneously if you feel like you don't have anything to wear. Easy, simple, spontaneous. Yeah to flexibility and to the end of the "nothing to wear" problem!