Words | Sharing Economy - Sharing What?

Sharing Economy has become THE buzz word in recent times. It appears like we are sharing everything. We are sharing our apartments via AirBnB. We are sharing our cars via Nabobil. We are sharing our rides via Uber. We are sharing and making money but is it actually sharing we are talking about? 

Didn't we just get to use our resources in a better way? Didn't AirBnB not only teach us that our apartment can earn money while we are not using it but also that renting an apartment doesn't mean to break the bank? Didn't Nabobil teach us that owning a car is awesome but we can cut the costs of owning by renting it out and earning back some money? Does´t Uber imply that we can earn money while going where we are going anyways but also that getting a taxi ride can be affordable? 

These two sides show the advantages of the sharing economy: we can make conscious decisions on what we really want to own because owning is not necessary anymore. We can use anything and just pay for the time that we use it. On the other hand, it makes owning more affordable because we can own something, without having to bear the costs while not using it. 

Something Borrowed works exactly the same way:

it connects the one that owns an exclusive fashion piece with someone who would love to wear it for a specific occasion. This way it makes owning as well as using it more affordable. You just have to pay for the time, you actually need it for. Pretty simple. You can rent pieces that are missing in your wardrobe and rent out pieces that you are not using right now. 

Celebrities have been doing it for a long time. They have been renting their outfits for special occasions and now you can do it even more regularly.