Picks | "I rent everything"

Are we willing to rent everything we are using? Has the sharing economy taken over your life as well? The article "I rent everything" explores the rental lifestyle of millennials who feel that renting allows them more freedom in their lifestyle choices. 

"I don't want or need to own every passing fad. I own the staples and I rent almost all of the rest. That pushes me to try new things I wouldn't necessarily buy. It keeps my wardrobe fresh, and my closet lean."

Three new fun reasons to join the rental lifestyle:

  • trying out new things without the hassle and the costs
  • always having a fresh wardrobe
  • lean closet


Have fun renting and renting out!


Check out the source below for deeper insight:

Source: http://money.cnn.com/2015/05/13/pf/millennial-rent-economy-clothes-jewelry/