SoBo | We are everywhere in Norway

Yes, you read it right. We are everywhere because you are everywhere. Maybe you remember our article on why we don't have a showroom and why this is so awesome for you (if not: here you find it). 

We are working with a network of fashion lovers, just like you, which means that we are everywhere where there are people who would love to rent and rent out their treasures. If you are looking for items that are close to your location, just state it in the search function and name the place you are at. Simple, easy, convenient. 

Even though, we are Oslo based, we don't want to be Oslo centred. You are in the centre of SoBo. You are the SoBo community so we are where you are. 

Start renting and renting out your fashion pieces now and let's grow the network so you always have the greatest pieces to rent close by.