News | Let's meet for breakfast in Oslo on Friday, 16.12.2016

Let's meet for breakfast in Oslo on Friday (16.12.2016)!


We would love to invite you to our breakfast meeting at Making Waves in Oslo on Friday. We will talk about entrepreneurship, fashion, sustainability and technology. 

Check out the Facebook event here

Something Borrowed - from idea to launch in 6 months

Anjali Bhatnagar, a physicist, visionary, experienced change leader and entrepreneur talks about how to grow a local idea to a global concept, and on how to learn quickly, execute effeciently and grow the concept.
SoBo is based on the idea of a better utilization of existing resources, the importance of lasting and great design and the fun of playing with styles and fashion. SoBo is making a service available to the public that is already common practice among celebrities and fashion professionals: the opportunity of renting a style for the night.

Velkommen på vårt siste Breakfast Club for i år og få med deg et inspirerende foredrag med Anjali. Foredraget er på norsk. 

Det blir servering av gløgg, pepperkaker og annet godt.

kl 08.00 Dørene åpnes
kl 08.30 Foredrag
kl 08.45 Q&A
kl 09.00 Slutt

We are looking forward to meeting you on Friday!