Words | Why I rent out and don't sell

Let's face it, all of us own far too many clothes. Far too many items are hidden somewhere in our closet. Sometimes, we even forget they are there. Or do you still remember the dress that you wore just a couple of times and that you felt you looked gorgeous in but somehow your style changed in the meantime? 

We all own these dresses, these bags and these pieces of jewellery that we are not using anymore. However I have to admit every time a friend suggested to sell them, I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. Is it weird to feel attached to a clothing item? And even if I sold them, I would have just gotten a fraction of its original price so it would not really be worth it. So I decided to at least rent them out. It is like selling but with a time limit. I am earning some money but I know I will get the item back. Maybe, maybe, one day, I will consider selling and maybe we will fall in love again. Like old lovers. Is it weird? Maybe not. It is fashion.